Authors & Dragons is a podcast featuring myself and other writers in the comedy/fantasy genres. Our GM is Drew Hayes.

The characters are played by:

Rick Gualtieri as Silas Kane

John Hartness as Fandingo the Fantastical

Rob Kroese as Kutharek the Lost

Joseph Brassey as Bjorg Bjornsson

Steve Wetherell as Brandon Thighmaster

And me, Robert Bevan as Klaus Richter.

Come listen to us on Drew's site, or on iTunes.

Episode 1: Meet the Characters

Episode 2: In Which A Bard Fights Devils With Rock and Roll

Episode 3: In Which a Well Kicks the Crap Out of Half the Party

Episode 4: Mud, Jumping, and Stolen Pies

Episode 5: Dealing With Crabs

Episode 6: Priests and Wolves

Episode 7: Do Wolves Have War Crimes?

Episode 8: Shoddy Heresy

Episode 9: Burn Baby Burn

Episode 10: Let's Get Creative With Killing

Interlude 1

Episode 11: This One Time at Bandit Camp

Episode 12: Blackflips of the Mind

Episode 13: Sackworthy

Episode 14: Camps, Sacks, and Checkpoints

Episode 15: The Deafening Word of Torag

Episode 16: Law & Dragons SVU

Episode 17: Boat Party

Episode 18: Oceanic Ursine

Episode 19: White Lightning Squid

Episode 20: Someone Croaks

Episode 21: The Klaus Inside Me

Interlude 2

Episode 22: Party Crashers

Episode 23: Blast From the Past

Episode 24: Cliffs, Dives, and Cliff Dives

Episode 25: A Lightning Rod For Suck

Episode 26: Battle of The One Year Anniversary

Episode 27: Race to the Bottom

Episode 28: Arguing With a Wall

Episode 29: Live and Unedited

Episode 30: Chaotic Evil Knievels

Episode 31: That Poor Bowl

Episode 32: Brandon Get Your Oil

Episode 33: Tag Team (Back Again!)

Episode 34: Happy Brawlidays

Interlude 3

Episode 35: The T Is For Scorpions

Episode 36: Too Many Pins

Episode 37: No Instructions

Episode 38: Dis and Dat

Episode 39: Shopping Spree

Episode 40: Guest DMs Special: Misty Massey #1

Episode 41: Guest DMs Special: Misty Massey #2

Episode 42: Guest DMs Special: EM Kaplan

Episode 43: Guest DMs Special: Nicholas Olivo

Episode 44: The Mostly Whispering Woods

Episode 45: Live and Unedited 2 - Con Carolinas

Interlude 4

Episode 46: What Has Been Lost

Episode 47: The Party is Axed For Help

Episode 48: Retail Therapy

Episode 49: Hungry For Justice

Episode 50: A Bong of Ice and Fire

Episode 51: Moulin Rogue

Episode 52: Buggin Out

Episode 53: Fighting Shade

Episode 54: Costume Change

Episode 55: Trips Through the Flowers

Interlude 5

Episode 56: Have An Ice Day

Episode 57: Grand Theft Boat

Episode 58: The Tangent Express

Episode 59: Wreck the Sod

Episode 60: Missing Persons

Episode 61: Left, Right, Bees, Ants

Episode 62: What the Heckwasp?

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Get Multiple Orc Chasms FREE when you sign up for my mailing list!