The Signing

This coming Saturday, January 10th, 2015, I'll be doing my first book signing at maCnarB Gaming, in Gautier, Mississippi. I feel like I should be nervous, but I'm comforted by the fact that maCnarB has never hosted a signing before. It's good to have an equally inexperienced partner to blaze new trails with.

Also comforting is the fact that maCnarB is a game shop, rather than a bookstore. I'd probably feel a lot more like a pretentious fraud signing my goofy books while surrounded by vastly superior literature.

So what am I doing to prepare for the big event? Maybe way too much. Maybe not enough. I have no idea what to expect from this. So here's what I've done.

I've ordered some books.

I've got fifty copies of Critical Failures, twenty copies each of CF2 and CF3, and ten copies each of d6 and 2d6. If things go extremely well, maybe this will be a short signing. If only two or three people show up, at least I'll only have a couple of boxes of shame to haul back home.

My wife has been busy making decorations for the table.

And my daughter's even been chipping in.

I made what I thought was a clever little graphic to post on my Facebook page.

And finally, I stopped in at maCnarB to play a couple of sessions of D&D with some of the regulars. Good times.

That's me on the far right.

That's me on the far right.

What's left? I suppose I should buy a pen sometime between now and Saturday. But other than that, while I still feel the nagging specter of unpreparedness looming over me, I guess I'm pretty much ready to go.

Sure, there's probably plenty more I could be doing. Bookmarks, business cards, a whole shit-ton of things a colleague mentioned in a blog post he sent me a link to this morning. But the event is only a few days away, and I don't have time to put most of those ideas into play.

So I'll charge into this signing with the same reckless abandon that I've barreled through every step of this self-publishing journey with. I'll make some mistakes, I'll learn some lessons, and I'll be all the more ready for the next signing.

Wish me luck! And if any of you are near the Mississippi gulf coast this Saturday, feel free to drop in and say hello.