The Spook-tacular Halloween Critical Failures Audiobook BOGO Extravaganza!

Yesterday could have been a bad day. It had all the classic trappings of a bad day. Book sales were unusually low. The muse wasn't particularly cooperative with my revision efforts for Critical Failures IV. The scale said I was up half a kilogram. Those sorts of things.

But yesterday was not a bad day. In fact, it turned out to be a pretty good day, thanks to two unrelated occurrences. 

1. Critical Failures III got its 100th review, and it was a nice 5-starrer. Hitting a milestone like that is always a good feeling. This one was extra-nice because it meant that all three novels have three digits' worth of reviews. Yay!

2. I got an email from Audible saying that they were going to run another BOGO sale on the Critical Failures audiobook this coming weekend.

My Halloween weekend just got a little more spook-tacular!

Sorry about that. But as  Steve Wetherell  reminded me, if you run a sale during Halloween, you are bound by law to use the word "spooktacular". It's in the books.

Sorry about that. But as Steve Wetherell reminded me, if you run a sale during Halloween, you are bound by law to use the word "spooktacular". It's in the books.

My first BOGO sale happened back in March. It was a huge boost for the book. Looking back, it may have even been the impetus which eventually led to me realizing that I would be able to make this self-publishing thing a full-time career.

The sale beginning tomorrow is a little different than the previous one, in that it's not a true BOGO sale. This time it's Buy Two, Get One. I'm still going to refer to it as "BOGO", however, because that's just a hell of a lot more pronounceable than "BTGO". 

Another big difference between this sale and the last one is that I have more than one book available (though only the first one will be included in the sale). During my first BOGO, the d6 audiobook had been recorded and submitted to Audible, but was still stuck in limbo waiting for them to release it. The surge of new customers I'd just picked up had nothing of mine to listen to once they had finished.

This time, however, I have two additional audiobooks available, so I'm looking forward to seeing if there's going to be an increase of sales in those titles as well in the not-too-distant future.

Due to the BTGO nature of the sale, it will only only be applicable to those customers who have squirreled away two Audible credits. The smaller pool of potential customers might suggest that I won't see as much of a boost as the first BOGO gave me, but I'm cautiously optimistic. 

Pictured: Cautious optimism

Pictured: Cautious optimism

My optimism is founded, of course, on hypothetical bullshit I'm brewing up in my head, but it makes sense to me. I figure that some people who might have been wary to spend one of their two precious credits on an unknown author might be more willing to take a chance when a third credit is thrown into the mix. There are, after all, a limited amount of participating titles to choose from. If that makes enough of a difference to cover the gap left by the smaller pool of eligible customers, well... I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Most important of all, however, is that a question I've had in the back of my mind since BOGO-1 has finally been answered. The big boost in sales was nice and all, but I wondered if it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Would Audible choose the same book again for such a sale? I have other books, of course, but they're all in the same series, and I couldn't really see them running a sale on a sequel. 

'Why does this half-orc keep shitting himself? I have no frame of reference.'

'Why does this half-orc keep shitting himself? I have no frame of reference.'

With renewed hope that I may keep getting these happy surprises from time to time as my list of Caverns & Creatures books continues to grow, I look forward to a very spook-tacular Halloween weekend.

So however you plan to spend your own Halloween weekends, whether it's trick-or-treating, eating children and worshiping Satan with a group of friends, or just curling up at home to enjoy a chilling seasonal tale, stay safe, dress warm, and have fun!

From my family to yours,



If your Halloween plans involve staying at home alone and crying into an empty Doritos bag, maybe consider reading my books as an alternative.

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Also, this weekend: The first book in Steve Wetherell's Doomsayer series, The Last Volunteer (ebook version), will be on sale. It's one worth picking up.