How To Support Your Favorite Author

This probably seems obvious to anyone with a basic working knowledge of how employment works. 

The worker does a "job" which will benefit someone in some way. In exchange for his or her "work", he or she is rewarded with "money", which they can use to buy "food and shit", thereby allowing them to continue working.

The author's job is to write shit, and he or she depends on readers to pay money for said shit.

If the reader feels strongly, either positively or negatively, toward the writer's work, they may opt to take the extra step of writing a review. 

These things are known. And yet, if you have any struggling writer friends, you may see them plastered all over your Facebook feed. As I've pointed out here, and more specifically here, some writers seem to not see any relationship between the boring writer shit they post, and the fact that their books aren't selling as well as they'd like. For example...

Translation: "Please unfollow me."

Translation: "Please unfollow me."

I don't know that anything in the above infographic is wrong, but I have a pretty strong suspicion that the wonderful people who follow my Facebook page don't give a shit.

The people seeing this have presumably already paid money for the writer's work, and have enjoyed it enough to like the writer's page, either to stay abreast of everything this font of entertainment has to say, or just to show some support.

If it's the former, the writer is failing in his or her duty to entertain. If it's the latter, then the writer is demanding more support from people who have already gone out of their way to support them.  It stinks a little bit of desperation as well, like that T-shirt I used to wear back in my single days.





I don't want to bore you with things you already know and/or don't care about. But every now and again I'll get a message or an email from a fan asking me specific questions, such as...

1. "What benefits you more? Me buying your book, or reading it on Kindle Unlimited?"

This is a question I get kind of frequently. My standard answer is that you should read my books in whatever way is most convenient for you. I made a conscious choice to enroll my books in KDP Select because I felt that doing so would get them in front of more readers. 

However you choose to read them, I get paid and my books go up the Amazon charts. So rest easy. Enjoy the books.

That said,  if you're so hellbent on supporting me, there's no reason you can't do both. Read my books on Kindle Unlimited for free, then buy them. Mind you, I'm not recommending you do this, because that kind of negates the point of having subscribed to KU in the first place. But the option is there.

2. "Is it rude to point out typos?"

Hellz no! If you spot one, and have the inclination to let me know, that's very much appreciated. 

I spend a lot of time second-guessing my word choices, Googling slang terms that I'm 99% sure I'm using correctly in context, nitpicking at dialogue, etc, so that I may deliver to you the funniest, most entertaining comedy you've ever read or listened to.

But alas. I'm only human, and I sometimes make mistakes. I'd much rather have you inform me of those mistakes, so that I might go and correct them, than to learn about them from some uptight dickhole who left me a bad review because of some bullshit punctuation error.

"I tried to like this author's book. I tried  hard . But I just couldn't stop thinking about his colon."

"I tried to like this author's book. I tried hard. But I just couldn't stop thinking about his colon."

Again, I'm not suggesting or requesting you do this. A self-published author's editing is his or her own responsibility. Most of the advice you'll find out there will tell you to pay to have your work edited professionally, and that's not necessarily bad advice.

But for me, I find that money is better spent on beer.

3. "I see your books are on sale, but I want to make sure you get paid a fair amount. Should I wait until after the sale is over?"

I appreciate your concern. But just as I said in the first entry, these sales are something I'm doing by choice, and for a reason. The more of you who buy my books when I'm running a Kindle Countdown promotion, or when I price a new title at $0.99, the higher it shoots up its respective Amazon category lists, and subsequently, the more new potential customers are likely to see them. 

So please don't feel guilty about buying my books during a sale. You're helping more than you know.

Having said that, I don't want you lying awake all night crippled by guilt. There is a way you can pay full price for my books while they're on sale. 

"Please, tell me!"

"Please, tell me!"

Let's say you just discovered my latest release, Space Puppies. You're wide awake, sweat-soaked Power Rangers bedsheets clinging to your exhausted sleep-starved body.

'Space Puppies is only $0.99!' you think to yourself. 'Surely a work of this caliber deserves not only a Hugo Award, but at least $2.99 of my hard-earned money as well.'

Fear not, dear reader. Have you considered purchasing a copy for a friend? Amazon makes it easy! Click on this book link, look to the right of your screen, and you'll see this:

This will make her love you.

This will make her love you.

Do that twice, and you've paid enough to put your mind at ease, and introduced my books to two new people. 

All you need is the email addresses associated with your friends' Amazon accounts, and you can share the gift of your favorite author, become the most popular guy at your work, school, or cell block, and finally get some sweet sweet sleep.

You're welcome. 

You can also so your support by liking my Facebook page, or simply by buying my books.