How To Deal With Facebook Posts You Find Distasteful Like A Goddamn Grown-Up (An Interactive Storytelling Adventure)

With the world in the state it's in right now, a lot of people have different opinions on different issues. Me, I'm not a big fan of racists, compulsive liars, child-rapists, homophobes, xenophobes, or crybaby fascist former game show hosts governing my country. Since I grew up in the Deep South, I have a number of Facebook "friends" who take issue with my views.

I tend to be a bit outspoken with my opinions, and some people occasionally make poor decisions in choosing how to best react to certain things I post or share. So I developed a little game to guide you through the process, so that we may all coexist peacefully here on the internet.

(Disclaimer: Those of you who need this most may have trouble reading some of the words. Get a smarter person to assist you.)

Here's how it works. You (or your handler) will read a situation which has been presented to you, and then you'll be provided with three options on how to respond. Click on the image which best matches how you'd like to proceed.


Great! Let's get started!

You're scrolling down your Facebook feed when you come to a post that you find offensive. Which of the below images best matches your response?