In the past few weeks, a couple of wonderful things have happened. I finally got around to buying and reading Ernest Cline's READY PLAYER ONE, which I thoroughly enjoyed and blogged about here. And I also celebrated the release of my second audiobook, d6. 

Audible has given me some free audiobook codes to distribute to get the ball rolling and build up a few initial reviews. With READY PLAYER ONE still fresh in my mind, the idea occurred to me to distribute these codes as prizes in an Easter egg hunt. 

I've hidden thirty Easter eggs all over my website. They could be hiding anywhere. On my blog, amid my books, or maybe even RIGHT HERE!!!

The rules are simple. Find an egg. Follow the instructions. I'm limiting this to one egg per player. If more than one player finds the same egg before I have a chance to remove it, the prize goes to the first person to respond.

Good luck, and happy hunting.

For updates on the hunt (such as how many eggs have been found), feel free to like my Facebook page.